Alex Coleman

About the work

Zine Risograph
A zine/poster based on the Hip-Hop subculture and the history around the Hip-Hop subculture. The printing process was created through the risograph printing method.

Hockley Hustle
A collection of different work I made for Hockley Hustle during my work experience. The type of work I created includes posters, social media posts, icons and more.

As part of a design challenge, I created a luxurious rebrand of Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Fast and Furious Poster
This poster is a Swiss-style poster with my own style incorporated by using techniques like 3D text.

A collection of minimal urban photography images I took and edited in Photoshop in order to fit a certain style I wanted to create.

Student Bio

During my time at Confetti, the teachers have come to me several times with opportunities outside of our regular assignments in order to progress my professional life and communication skills within the graphic design industry. This has allowed me to take on new challenges and improve myself as well as improving my graphic design skills.

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