Alex Monk

About the work

1. In this image are two models from two different projects. The first project was to produce a tape recorder and the second a Yashica T3 Camera from the 1950s. To make both of these, I used Blender to model, add materials and lighting.

2. This image is of a shower which I also modelled in Blender. I messed around with displacement maps, roughness maps and lighting to give it a realistic look.

3. This image is a closeup shot of the tape recorder I modelled. I wanted to get a closeup to show the details and imperfections on the model such as fingerprints and scratch marks.

4. This image is for the typography assignment where I was tasked with producing a font. I went for a more abstract look by giving each letter a liquid-like effect.

5. This image is one of the playing cards I was tasked with producing. I wanted the card too look 3D, and I did this by making a 3D object in the center of the card, that could also be seen from different angles if the card was flipped.

Student Bio

During my studies at Confetti, I have had many opportunities to learn new skills, learn about the design industry through Industry Week and partake in work experience at Nottingham Forest and Stencil for half of my second year.

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