Ashley Roberts

About the work

With the cover for the audiobook, I took a picture outside of Confetti and used Photoshop to mirror the image. I then changed some settings such as saturation to make one side very dull and boring, and one side colourful and brimming with life. I was mainly inspired by the game Limbo, as it had a very black and white art style which made it unique in my eyes.

I started learning how to do pixel art during my secondary school years. I used online tutorials to learn. The tree was something I did near the start of the year at Confetti. Though I did not copy, I had drawn trees before on those online classes and applied that knowledge to my drawing. I did something different with my other drawing. I wanted to be a bit more creative and not symmetrical. So I drew a piece where Jobe (one of the LSA’s) had the superpowers to stretch.

Student Bio

I started Confetti late compared to everyone else, but I quickly fitted in and began enjoying my time there. I came up with the idea of an activity club for the space between classes on a Friday. This evolved into Film Club and became an integral part of our group’s Friday routine.

I got the opportunity to attend a university-level lecture about games art during Industry Week, which I enjoyed immensely and is influencing my journey as I move into my second year at Confetti.


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