Bartoz Paczkowski

About the work

This was meant to be just a random track to use for a college assignment. While creating the song, however, I saw potential in it. The way it was a fun track as seen from the title ‘Money Toes’ and the melodic hook, it also had a deep meaning to me. It represented how we will feel after we will reach success, by showing our riches to people to motivate others.

I knew I had to get someone on it that would understand the concept but also give a great sounding verse, K.K. I called him to come to my home studio to hop on the song. And as expected, he delivered a great flowing verse in mere 10 minutes.

Student Bio

When I decided to join Confetti for the Music Technology Course, I was very skeptical. It came about to be a great move in my life. It gave me many networking opportunities, gave me the chance to meet other talented people in my class and to also tinker my skills throughout the two years.

All of these assets have pushed me to work harder in music. Getting my brand out there as a producer and working with multiple artists in the city has done great things – as you can see on my YouTube which is doing better and better each day and my portfolio of great work/music.

Check out more work from Bartoz on Instagram and YouTube.

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