Brandon Maynell

About the work

High Contrast – Zine by Brandon Meynell 

The project I am showcasing is my zine which was created as an assignment piece for Kyle but I am really proud of it and want to make it known to everyone that I created it single-handily and without much influence from outside sources (bar Kyle who, while I don’t want to admit it since I know it will boost his ego, was a huge help).

Student Bio

Stylish, cool, extravagant. What more could you want?

Did I mention idea generation off the charts? Welcome to my world where the main worries are looking good, listening to good music and making sure everyone is alright.

Confetti was a huge steppingstone for me, in finding out what I can do that I didn’t even know I could before joining, as I came here alone, It has also allowed me to meet new people and make new friends. So, in all seriousness I want to thank everyone I’ve met as Confetti so far has been an amazing and eye-opening experience.

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