Cameron Feetham

About the work

Making this project was something that sprouted from my environment project. From looking through the different layouts, I decided that it could be good enough for a small little arcade survival element.

The project is not entirely finished, and is something more of a fun little project I wanted to do and being able to put it forward for anyone to play and enjoy their time going through it. I’ve been using the Unreal Engine 4 which is something I’ve grown use to and enjoy using. I’ve been operating under a form of Kanban management to see what I need to do, what is being worked on, what is being tested and what is completed.

As an overall standpoint making this game and or environment was something I enjoyed creating since the start of it being developed.

Student Bio

My journey here was an interesting experience – there were numerous opportunities to see and explore through going into games technology like experiencing EGX London 2019 and seeing new games as well as getting into contact with some of the developers there. I came across Neil Gorton who’s Bethesda’s community manager stationed for Doom Eternal during that time.

Industry Week was a good experience as I got to meet great names in the industry such as the Oliver Twins and River Horse Games’ Alessio Cavatore showing gaming interactivity with Alexa. My aspiration is to make environments that help build on a story not just from a game perspective but also an environmental perspective of the player walking through, and hoping it can help make someone’s day a little bit better.

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