Carlos Pereira

About the work

The first design that I have chosen to show was one which was supposed to advertise the Saint Pablo tour. This was a concept that I had created through the use of manipulating images so that they could mesh well. This design was created through Adobe Photoshop.

For the second design idea that I have created was a Cherry Bomb poster concept for Tyler the Creator. This tour poster was intended to focus more on the illustrated aspect of the design and I wanted to add more colour to this design compared to the Saint Pablo design. I created this piece through the use of Adobe Photoshop.

The third design was a Cadbury rebrand that I had created while focusing on a given brief for this design. I was expected to communicate “luxury” – therefore I used colours such as gold to communicate this idea within the logo design. This design was created with Adobe Illustrator.

The fourth design was a merchandise concept that I had created which could be used for promotional usage. I incorporated the brand into the design heavily which was used to further support my point. I made sure that I created a futuristic feeling with this design – this was created through Photoshop.

Student Bio

My journey at Confetti has been amazing! Not only has it helped me grow as a designer and made me think through my work with a different perspective, but has also enhanced other skills such as confidence and teamworking abilities. There have been many opportunities that Confetti has also offered such as Industry Week which allows us to get an insight into real jobs in the industry, and also there have been trips like going to Dizzy Ink for one of our assignments.

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