Charlie Sharp

About the work

The Keys
This is a one-shot short film I made with my family, about a father who has lost his keys. The challenge was immense to get it just right, however, I am so pleased to have stuck with it as I am really pleased with what we were able to achieve in lockdown

What is a montage?
As a college task, we were able to make a 2-3-minute montage. I decided to use this brief to pay homage to some of my all-time favorite montages in cinema.

Hands of Madness
As a lockdown challenge, my friends and I decided to make a film without breaking social distancing. It was difficult to say the least, but we ended up with a short surreal horror film about a teen running away from a monster.

Student Bio

I have loved studying at Confetti in my first year, as it has allowed me to develop both my skills and passion for filmmaking, as well as broadening my appreciation and understanding of the global film industry and all the magic it entails.

Since starting at Confetti, I’ve been lucky with lots of opportunities that have been challenging but exciting to be able to do as a part of my course. An example is that I got to work on an interview shoot for Stephen Graham on Industry Week. It was a brilliant experience and I learnt so much about working in a professional environment. I’m very excited to see what we get up to next year!

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