Charlotte Williams

About the work

DIY apocalypse assignment
To get to my finished piece I started out by taking original environment photos outside the Confetti building. I imagined these environments as post apocalyptic scenes by brainstorming scenarios for 4 different variations. I produced these using those photos and later finalised the chosen one you see here which became my final piece.

Inspiration came from worn out abandoned settings, an aftermath of an apocalypse, and torn wallpaper in battered buildings. Plus, I gave it a bit of a punch with the cream colour and the blood effect. The full process came with trial and error, but it helped me come up with ideas to improve it along the way.

Student Bio

I’ve been studying at Confetti for around a year now. In the course, I got introduced to digital art which wasn’t my strong suit at the time.

Traditional art has been my way of expressing myself, but I wanted an opportunity to involve doing things digitally, which was one of the things the course provided.

The course has helped me unleash my creativity, keeping me engaged and has made me realised I have more potential than I give myself credit for.

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