Chris Holland

About the work

For my project which I am presenting for Celebrate, I wanted to make sure that standars were really high. As such, I have chosen my Tiny Room project which demonstrates skills which I have learnt from Maya and Unreal.

This project, I feel, is the most effective project which I have produced to date. I chose to complete the task on my own as I wanted to have complete control over what is done and to show my skills for all the assets which I have created for this project.

Student Bio

My journey started in September and my skills and knowledge of the industry have developed hugely since then. I am excited to start the next year and hopefully see myself flourish with more new content and further expanding on the skills I acquired from year one.

During the first year, there was a fantastic opportunity during Industry Week where speakers came and gave us an insight into how they got into the industry, as well as all the previous games which they have released.

Above all, it was a great example of how their hard word had got them to where they are now and has inspired me and made me determined to achieve great things.

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