Claire Langton-Goh

About the work

Starting out life as a solo game jam project with a Christmas theme, this project was my first full attempt at creating a game from the ground up.

The concept is that of a 2D action adventure where the player takes on the persona of a young vampire who is tasked with rescuing Santa from the evil snowmen’s cave lair.

I took on different roles of an independent game developer including defining the concept, designing the 2D art assets for the game, level design, building, testing and correcting bugs as a result of beta testing. I did all this within a three-week timeframe. I effectively organised my time using a gantt chart to track my progress and ensure I remained on task.

For a final assignment piece for the year I chose to further develop this project from a one level game jam into three immersive and engaging levels using Unreal Engine 4.

For the project I maintained detailed documentation as a future reference to assist me in further development of this game. I intend to develop this original piece and officially publish the game for others to play and enjoy.

Student Bio

I’m Claire, a current level 3 Games Technology student at Confetti. I have just completed the first year of this course. Through this time I have developed many skills including 3D modelling, 2D pixel art creation and an in depth understanding of game theory and implementation.

I have created two independent games experiencing the whole game development cycle from start to finish.

Other opportunities I have actively participated in are an in house game jam event, an external online game jam and beta testing games for table top and online release.

During year two I will develop my acquired skills further and hopefully obtain a place on a university course to gain a recognised degree in the field.

As a mature student I am currently working part-time in addition to this course. I am looking to change my career pathway and follow my ultimate identified passion for creating games.

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