Dara Cavanagh

About the work

Most of my work has the same process; sketch usually done digitally but can also be done traditional, before I do the outline in one colour. After the outline I will do flat colouring in mid-saturated colours before adding shading, highlights and effects. Depending on the work I will change the outline colour to either one solid colour or a few.

I do the last few steps usually digitally. Sometimes, depending on the sketch I won’t do an outline, just to make something different. When I do my art using spray paint, I draw out some stencils before cutting them. Before I apply the spray paint I would usually paint the background with normal acrylic paint.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti in September 2019 where I joined a game development club and worked with amazing students from the game technology course and helped them with concept art. Despite Covid-19, the dedication from staff and students has meant I’ve been able to continue my student life at Confetti through Microsoft Teams. Even if I have missed opportunities this year I still look forward to next and will take every opportunity given, and work even harder to gain/improve the skills I need.

I love working with all different types of media, mainly digital, spray paint and pencil, as I am most confident. My style is more cartoon then realistic and it’s taken me a while to find a style which I’m still developing.

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