David Shapcott

About the work

I have four projects I am submitting for Celebrate – two practical and two written.

Alien Menace 
A simple 2D game set in the dystopian present. Created using the 2D sidescroller template within Unreal Engine 4. I have used various skills that I have either been taught at college, by watching tutorials or figuring out for myself, it is a project I have really enjoyed.

My Tiny Room
I really enjoyed this project as I didn’t start out all that good at 3D modeling, but this helped me to develop those skills. There were a couple of models I wasn’t going to make at first as I believed they were too difficult, but it was more to me doubting my abilities. I managed to create them, and they turned out better than I expected. I have submitted a playthrough video for these projects.

Written Pieces
The two written pieces are a short story and snippets of a concept document of a game idea I have had for a while called Dragon’s Dystopia. The short story is set just before the events of the game. These have been submitted as PDFs.

Student Bio

Studying at Confetti has been a fantastic experience. I didn’t really think I had many more opportunities to provide a good future for myself, but Confetti are allowing me to do this by learning what it takes to get into the games industry.

Creating games, 3D modelling are just some of the things that we have looked ad, and I didn’t think I was capable of making anything like this.

But with my time at Confetti, I have proven myself wrong. I have the tutors to thank for their fantastic support they have given me, as it has helped me grow as a game’s developer.

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