Denny Cheng

About the work

Metroidvania-style game inspired by games, art styles and genres that I enjoy. With graphics trying to emulate 16bit SNES/JRPG styled sprites. I chose this art style as I feel like it suits a Metroidvania game well. Additionally, I also like that art style, it’s a cute and charming aesthetic, and possible nostalgia factor for those that grew up playing SNES games.

The main bulk of the work was done using Unreal Engine 4. Taking advantage of the Paper 2D tools such as tile maps to easily block out levels. Many of the sprites were drawn and animated in Piskel. Backgrounds, UI art and the main menu art were drawn using Clip Studio Paint and finally animated using After Effects.

The usage of Unreal Engine’s blueprints allows someone who is not very programming-literate such as myself to still be able to get the idea of my mechanics and AI across.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has been interesting to say the least – I have met lots of new people with many fun events like Industry Week where I heard advice from industry speakers, playtesting opportunities with actual studios in the industry, an after-school club to work in teams to develop games and more.

Being there, I was able to refine some existing skills as well as developing new ones. Tutors were also very friendly and easy to talk too, with some lessons involving philosophical or game discussions in some cases. I hope to continue studying in university afterwards to become a game designer and/or artist.

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