Dylan Barke

About the work

Since I enjoy drawing machines and robots, I decided to create some artwork for my portfolio, this one showing a robot dressed up as the grim reaper, holding a futuristic scythe as well as having two weapons coming from the back, with a giant mech silhouette in the background.

When designing my artwork, I create multiple layers for each element of the drawing, from the outline and lighting, to the shading and colour. This is so that they can overlap one another, and in the event something goes wrong, only a small piece of the artwork would need changing, rather than the whole thing.

Student Bio

Confetti has been a brilliant place to learn whilst having fun. I’ve enjoyed every single day since I first started. It’s not only been a great place to learn, but a great place to socialise, make new friends and enjoy some of the areas within Nottingham.

Throughout the course, we’ve been on some amazing trips to art galleries, as well as events held within the Metronome building that help give insightful information about careers and advice within the games art industry. The teachers within the course have also been incredible, helping us to improve our skills and giving us the motivation and confidence to do great things within course.

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