Dylan Chowdry

About the work

Confetti has given me the resources and guidance to create my first album. It features seven songs that show my individual and group’s creative vision. We worked together in the studios available in Metronome and worked outside of college to complete this project.

Each week, we came together for a session and discussed what needed to be done, planned it out, and executed it. I took on many roles and responsibilities during the production of this project, including manager, which was challenging yet enlightening and I enjoyed the whole process.

This project has given me the confidence to be able to work on my own personal projects and collaborate with other artists.

Student Bio

My time at Confetti has allowed me to work towards my dream of becoming an established music producer and artist within the industry.

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and network with so many other creatives within this field, and have had the chance to work and collaborate with them.

I have many project ideas which I look forward to showing in the near future, and an EP which is currently in production.

Check out more work from Dylan on SoundCloud and LinkedIn.

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