Edward Hadley

About the work

This Final Major project of a FPS arena game was inspired by DOOM, as in that game you go through different parts of a single level and shoot enemies over and over again until you reach the end. This is exactly what I’ve done in my FMP game. As I worked individually, I did not do any modelling and instead I used models from the internet to get enemies and textures.

Furthermore, I had to use YouTube to create the enemies and I wanted them to act unique so that is why they teleport. Also, the game is made to utilise a teleport mechanic which separates it from DOOM and makes it unique, forcing the player to use it to dodge bullets and reach platforms.

Overall, this game was designed to be hard, and the fact that you can get one shot really shows that you must play carefully and tactically, using all possible cover and checking every corner possible.

Student Bio

My journey at Confetti has been a wonderful experience, I got to meet people that have the same interests, especially at events like industry week where all groups join up and get to talk to industry guests, in order to see their in sight on the game industry and what It means to be a part of it. Furthermore, expanding my skills at Confetti and gaining more knowledge has been easier as I will always have helpful people there to back me up if I’m stuck on anything I found hard.

My aspirations in life are to create a game with a team filled with people I love working with, which will grow to become successful, and hopefully carry it on as an ever-growing franchise.

Overall, Confetti really opened my eyes to the games industry and I can’t wait to see what other experiences lie ahead.

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