Ella Jenkinson

About the work

These art pieces range from different projects Confetti has challenged me with, most of them originating from the game conception part 2 project. Focusing on my creature designs, these were created using the concept art pipeline taught to me.

I first started out by making a brief for the role that I wanted the beast to fill. Afterwards I built up a moodboard of different inspirations, as well as conducting research on different creatures, mythology and any cultural facts that could inspire the beast. If the beast has a clear real-world counterpart, I also do skeleton and muscle studies.

Afterwards I produced a variety of thumbnails, take a step back, combined features from my favourite selections, and repeated this process. I then picked my final favourite, create a skeleton and muscle profile, refine the sketch, and then create the lineart.

I then go about selecting the colours, inspired by my moodboard, creating a variety of options to make sure I come up with my favourite choice.

Depending on the project, desired effect or purpose of the concept art I may then go and shade the final product.

Student Bio

I went into Confetti not knowing what I wanted to do with my art skills. All I knew was I enjoyed drawing characters. The journey I had at confetti was not just an artistic one, but a confidence and personality boosting one. For the first time in my life, I felt welcomed and felt truly part of a community. Being surrounded by like-minded students and tutors boosted not only my creative drive but also my mental health.

Before going into Confetti, my greatest weakness was I was a loner. I worked best alone and didn’t see the need to co-operate. Confetti opened my eyes, and I learnt the power of feedback, critique and idea sharing between peers.

I now feel much more confident being, and working, with other people!

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