Finley Shove

About the work

1. This is an advertisement poster I made for a proposed brand called ‘Goodness’ which was a supermarket that sold healthy and sustainable products. I made this poster by getting a lemon and cutting it in half and then dipping the lemon in drawing ink, I did the same with celery, broccoli and asparagus. After dipping them I would print onto an A3 sheet of paper in rows and columns until the page was complete. I then took photos and edited these patterns on Photoshop to get the glitching effect which is found in the poster.

2. These are an alphabet and a poster that I created with this typeface. I created them for a typography assignment based on the De Stijl art movement. After researching all about the movement I sketched out the typeface and after made several posters with this typeface.

3. This is the zine that I made for the risograph assignment with Dizzy Ink. Risograph is a special type of printing in which the ink, when overlaid, creates amazing colours. I decided to use pink and yellow because they are already very vibrant colours and then it creates an orange which intrigues me way more than the standard CMYK laser printing.

4. This is a piece that I made whilst doing my work experience at Stencil – an illustration for Oakham School. I enjoyed making this piece even though it was quite repetitive having to constantly create shapes on Illustrator, however it was a good learning experience because the final piece turned out better than I expected, and I received positive feedback from the employer.

5. This is a small illustrated character I designed for my Instagram profile picture recently. I found inspiration from another designer who had created a symmetrical illusion of a face and I immediately started brainstorming ideas and sketching them out. However, once taking my sketches into illustrator I slightly changed the design for the better by having the eyes almost looking at each other as they do now.

Student Bio

When I started at Confetti, I would have never imagined achieving the things I have and couldn’t have done this without the continued support from all my tutors. Industry week was great both years, I was given the opportunity to take a work placement at Stencil which was one of the many highlights of the course as I had no idea it was going to happen.

I set out to be a graphic designer at the start of this course; the only thing that has changed about this aspiration is to be a graphic designer, but to use my work to make a difference.

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