Gergo Kocis

About the work

Co-creator of Snasketball, two-time winner of the annual Confetti Game Jam. All distinctions.

He has the best collection of trainers in the year no doubt! He’s not only good looking, but also an expert at networking, having spoken to multiple industry professionals in the past. Also Hungary > Romania.

Student Bio

You take on the role of a man exploring a house which seems familiar to him, yet strangely different at the same time. While most things seem perfectly normal, you can encounter some odd physical anomalies throughout this interactive experience which only add to the uneasy feeling that something is wrong here.

You will be able to uncover the dark secrets of the protagonist while interacting with your surroundings looking for cues to solve a range of challenging puzzles. While most of your experience will depend on RNG, at the end of the game you, the player will have to make a decision on behalf of your character which will define the faith of everyone in the game.

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