Hannah Parr

About the work

Within the work I have chosen to exhibit at this year’s showcase, I have chosen a range of personal and assignment pieces that I have created during my 2nd year at confetti using both traditional and digital media.


This piece was created for the inspiration bank assignment, where we were tasked with researching art/social movements that linked to a video game. When creating it I was inspired by Ukiyo-e, Expressionism, and pop art and thought it would be an interesting experiment to see what they would look like combined. To create it I used a combination of acrylic and watercolour paints.

Claire Elswood – 1920s wanted poster

This piece was created for the Wanted: Dead or Alive assignment where we were tasked with creating a wanted poster from the past, present, and future. To create it I used Photoshop and photo bashing to create the portrait.

Candle Boy

This is a personal piece that I created to experiment with my style and a character concept of a small boy who is also a candle. To create the piece, I used acrylic paint and coloured pencils.


This is a piece I created where I wanted to experiment with a monotone colour scheme that had a hint of bright red as I thought it was an interesting style.

A land between worlds comic cover

This piece was created for the drawing words and writing pictures assignment, where we created a comic cover based on our game ideas. It was created digitally using Photoshop.

Student Bio

When deciding to study Level 3 Games Art at Confetti it was a huge step for me as I had never really explored the world outside my hometown, but coming here has really allowed me to broaden my horizons and develop as an individual, both personally and creatively.

Over the course of the two years I have been at Confetti I have learnt so much from the opportunities that I had access to such as the professional talks at Industry Week and the trip to the Birmingham Art Gallery. The support and encouragement from the tutors have also played a big part in adding to the experience, as they have inspired me to achieve my best in all assignments, as well as help develop my confidence.

Moving on from Confetti I wish to take all I have learnt and develop it even further as I go to study at university.

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