Jack Burn

About the work

1. My first design is a geometric shape design. I learnt how to do this on YouTube and decided that I wanted to try it myself. This was produced during my industry analysis assignment.

2. I made this design whilst learning Photoshop during my creative portfolio assignment. We learned a range of different skills that we could possibly use to help our portfolio, and this is the first Photoshop creative piece I made.

3. I made this piece for myself as I wanted to put my Photoshop skills to a subject I am interested in – that subject is football and the club Chelsea, so I made a little Chelsea poster.

4. I made this design for our creative portfolio assignment. We had to create a back cover and a front cover for a game of our choice, so I decided to make one for FIFA 14.

5. I made this as an album cover during my creative portfolio assignment. I used photoshop to make this and am very happy with the final result.

Student Bio

My journey at Confetti has been a really interesting one. At the start I came into it being the underdog having not much confidence in the programmes we were using and was very timid with my designs. I did not produce the standard of work my classmates were producing. Now, I feel I have come on leaps and bounds and I am slowly working my way up the class.

Surprisingly, I have thrived working at home during lockdown and have really shone which I am very proud about. I have gone from an underdog to someone achieving high grades and a high standard of work. I have loved my first year at Confetti and cannot wait for the second.

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