Jacob Batterham

About the work

1. I learned how to created 3D images in cinema 4D through YouTube tutorials and this is a good example of how I applied the skills I learned to created something creative and original.

2. This was my first ever proper photoshoot and I went out with my friend to take photos of the wildlife. It was really fun and exiting to direct them as a model to help elevate my photos.

3. This is of one of my aunt’s horses and I like the contrast and sense of speed you get with it. I also love how dramatic the photo is.

4. This was created in Affinity Designer – my design software of choice since it is so good to work in. I created a design for an update of my favourite game when I used to game a few years back.

Student Bio

I started at Confetti in September 2019 and have been studying graphic design. I got to attend Industry Week and have also been offered a work placement at a design company. I would like to get good grades and go to university, then get a job in design.

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