Jake Tomlinson

About the work

My submission contains many projects and models I have done of my own accord or worked on for college projects.

Firstly is a game which I made for a mock exam which is based on the 2019 Australia Fires where you put out fires and get koalas to win the game. I wanted the game to have 2D pixelated sprites but be 3D kind of like DOOM but instead of FPS game it is a simulator where you aid putting out wildfires, a cause and not just a videogame.

Second is a teaser trailer and link to Open Shock which is a game that is like System Shock but has a voxel-based level editor too. This game is a Blender Game Engine game which was done because this a game engine I used in high school and I wanted to honour it by creating my own game within it.

Lastly are some images of the models I have made of my own accord or part of college work which were made in Blender. There are character models, gun models and other miscellaneous models on display here.

Student Bio

I am a solo developer who has been on the Level 3 Games Technology Course at Confetti. I like making games that are complex or experimental to the point of making games with level editors like Open-shock which I’m going to show a trailer and also have a link for Celebrate.

Next, Confetti’s Game Jams, the FMP or anything allowing me to do development or practical stuff are the things that I will make the most of, even assets or games I’ve made in assignments will be top notch because I like practical things.

Plus, another great thing I think about Confetti is Industry Week – I particularly enjoyed the guests the Oliver Twins.

Lastly, a big aspiration that I have is to make a large amount of video game ideas I have; a bucket-list of video-game ideas.

Check out more work from Luna on YouTube and online.

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