Jayden Holloway

About the work

All the art here was created after months of learning how to use Photoshop. The assignments were varied, and I made sure to fit the brief while adding a dab of my own stories too.

Most of my art begins as a pencil sketch which I then add them to Photoshop and begin to digitise it. Soon it becomes what you see here. My photoshop skills often begin as purely experimental techniques. It the finished result look good then I keep the technique. These pieces were pretty much formed from trial and error! My art varies depending on my mood, and some even convey meaning. The freedom of creation in college has led to me creating dozens of new stories and art styles which I use wherever I can. The art I have included here are my best works to date, many of which were made for college.

(The photography skills come naturally. I point and click, and these are the results).

Student Bio

Confetti has brought the best out of me. I have gained significant confidence in myself in the first few months, which has definitely helped my life skills. I aim to learn as much as I can in my time at college and get the most out of it. In the space of a few months my art skills increased heavily. The change is visible if you look at some of my art from the start of college to now.

I still specialise in pencil linework, but my digital skills are improving quickly! Through college I intend to find a job in the art industry. I have my eyes set on several companies including Games Workshop.

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