Jeremy Moore

About the work

I found free software that I could use to create music for myself, I’m unable to use it commercially but it’s fun to do as a hobby. The idea to make it was simply because I was talking to a friend through a call and I showed him the process, which then evolved into something we both liked the sound of. I then just worked longer on it by myself getting it to what I wanted. I was inspired by the 80s style of music/film.

Once I had an idea of what I wanted to film I just got to it. I took all of the shots at a nearby park called Highfields park and it was a fun experience. Once I had the footage I went home and then recorded my voice as I the questions I was given, now I had everything I needed I was ready to edit, which didn’t take me long considering the video editor I used was simple to understand and it provided the music I needed also.

Photography has recently become a passion of mine. I take photos wherever I go, I use different angles, techniques, and sometimes filters if I want to mess with the photo. Recently I went to Belper and took a few photos including a close-up of a begonia.

Student Bio

I first started at Confetti with no grades and I had Music level 2 and 3 in mind, but as I progressed, I realised how interesting photography was. Once I had a few more lessons in interactive media I began to realise what I actually like and want to pursue. It’s been amazing to have an opportunity to make short films and learn different ways to utilise a camera for a more professional style of filming.

I’ve had a chance during Industry Week to hear from the professionals and how they went about getting to their position. It put a new perspective out there for me and now I feel I could potentially do what they could do one day.

I’ve also experienced working with another professional by designing a t-shirt within a group and getting it made.

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