Jordan King

About the work

1. Here is an example of my typography. This piece was inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, I created this piece using Adobe Illustrator.
2. Here is an example of my digital art, I created this piece in Adobe Illustrator free-hand using the pen tool.
3. Here is a beak zine I created using Adobe Illustrator. It was made for a project all about subcultures and explains the subculture of cosplay
4. Here is an example of my branding and advertising work for the podcast ‘It’s morphin time’ which I made using Adobe Illustrator.

Student Bio

Confetti has genuinely been amazing and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve learnt how to use industry standard softwares as well as designed principles and how to develop an initial idea into a finished piece. I have also learnt practical industry skills from speakers at Industry Week and a work placement. In November 2019 I started a work placement as a graphic designer at ATG arranged through Confetti, which went really well and I learnt so much about actually working in the industry. I have continued working with this company since my work placement ended and am now a paid member of staff. I want to go on to university to continue studying graphic design and eventually become a graphic designer.

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