Joshua Oliver

About the work

For my first project I have used a previous piece of my artwork and used Photoshop to improve them. I did this by adding shadows to them and adding more detail to pieces I hadn’t added previously, as well as adding new background pieces to add freshness to it.

For my second project, I used a template as a base to create it. The piece is fuelled by a cartoon series that I am very passionate about and which has helped me grow as a person.

Student Bio

I first came to Confetti on the Level 2 Games course, which I thoroughly enjoyed, before enrolling onto the L3 course.

Thanks to Industry Week, one of the opportunities that I managed to get was to see one of my favourite groups of YouTubers – TurboPunch (Tom, Eddie and Elliot) – where I managed to get called out by Tom because I showed up in a Rick Sanchez onesie. That was one of the greatest moments in my life so far.

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