Kacey Heath

About the work

During lockdown, I have been creating random pieces to try and improve some skills such as lighting, shape, and form. I have mostly focused on environment design as its one of the things I struggle at and was suggested that improve during my Uni interview at Hertfordshire.

Fmp Project – At the beginning of lockdown, I created some concept art for the fmp project we had to work on. I created a poster to go at the start of the PowerPoint. It’s a 30-minute drawing using Paint SAI 2 and is created by using a blue color mode layer over a black and white drawing. The character icons were created in the same way but has a lot more shine layers.

For my short film, I created the original backgrounds created were lost during transferring data into my new computer so I had to quickly create these to submit before the deadline. Each background is made in less than an hour and is created by sampling from previous backgrounds and adding shine and red hard lights.

Recently I have been trying to do environment/landscape drawings, by spending 30-40 mins to create a piece that demonstrates some key fundamentals such as lighting, scale, and composition. These are created using large basic shapes, textured brushes, shine, and hard light layers, and finalising corrections made using overlay layers or using hue/saturation.


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