Kacper Polak

About the work

‘Isolated’ was originally made for a Side Quest game jam as a puzzle game. Essentially, you get one week to make a game around a brief/topic, and this time it was around the ‘one room’ theme. At the time, I had a substantial amount of ideas running though my head and I was very eager to implement them all into the game. Because of this, the game was uploaded in time, but it had an unacceptable number of bugs due to the lack of testing.

The feedback this game received was overwhelming and at the time the game was very buggy. Therefore, I have decided to fix most bugs, polish and publish the game as a demo.

Student Bio

Choosing to do the Level 3 Games Technology course at Confetti was probably the best path I could have chosen. It has allowed me to grow as a person and learn as a games developer.

Through my time at Confetti I have been fortunate enough to access an incredible amount of opportunities such as speaking to industry professionals during Industry Week. Excitingly, I got the chance to get involved in a work placement through Confetti and complete it which resulted in a fantastic piece for my portfolio as well as a Notts TV interview!

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