Kamalpreet Singh

About the work

The pieces I’ve created were done with a consistent theme in mind. The majority of them are inspired by different civilisations and cultures which I’ve tried to involve in unique but identifiable ways.

I’ve tried to experiment with different styles of line art, colour palettes and digital art techniques, including those I’ve learned during my course to effectively communicate my ideas.

Student Bio

At first when I came to Confetti, I was quite nervous about going to college and unsure about what I wanted to do. However, throughout the year I’ve made many friends who share similar interests to me. I’ve also developed as an artist, gaining a better understanding of digital art and the games industry through the different assignments we’ve undertaken.

I particularly felt challenged during my animation assignment as I had never animated before. However, it was such a rewarding experience and I’ve become a better artist because of this.

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