Lauren Bonshor

About the work

1. This is some poster design work created for a branding and advertising assignment, where the brief stated to design work that displays an artist’s new release of music. I created these designs using Adobe Illustrator to create sharp shapes and imagery, however, some Photoshop was used for the texturisation and colour concepts for the photographs.

2. These are some logo designs I created whilst working in my placement, with the intent of them being put on the placement company’s website and potentially turned into merchandise such as tote bags, mugs and souvenirs. These were done using Illustrator.

2&3. These are some print/poster designs I created which were initial ideas, concepts I would like to progress to make able to potentially sell and create a business out of.

Video project
This advertising video was created to fit a brief during a motion graphics assignment, displaying the brand’s colour scheme, typeface and photography. This was created mostly on Adobe After Effects to make to the quick and snappy motion graphics, as well as some use of Illustrator to make imagery and details.

Student Bio

Being a student at Confetti for the past two years has enabled me to gain endless amounts of knowledge and skills that will most definitely be useful in my personal and professional paths. Whether it was in class lessons, during Industry Week or the period of time spent at my work placement, I was constantly learning and gaining experiences that I would not have been able to have at any other college.

The majority of assignments were open to interpretation of each individual student’s skills or aspirations which I felt was very crucial as it helped me build my portfolio.

Overall, Confetti has helped me develop my personal skills, such as meeting new people and becoming much more independent, as well as helping me professionally. I’ve learned all about working to deadlines and briefs, working with people and companies I am unfamiliar with and taking constructive criticisms from peers as well as tutors.

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