Lewis Griffiths

About the work

Camp Destiny is a dating simulator visual novel featuring the nameless protagonist returning to Camp Greenwood for the third time in a row with their college on a trip exclusive to those in the student body.

When the protagonist is listening to the welcome lecture, they notice a new face. Feelings develop over the coming days and it’s up to you to form a friendship and attempt to take it even further! Over the process of its development, I’ve resorted to making sprites first.

I ended up making placeholders to fit in while I was still making some more sprites. Then it went to backgrounds, music, etc. UI came very late in development and went through several revisions before the final version.

Student Bio

As a student at Confetti, I’ve had multiple opportunities to understand more about the games industry, as well as their current needs.

Events such as Industry Week and certain meetings with individuals from games companies have helped me to understand what working within the games industry is like. Using and getting to know industry standard tools such as Unreal Engine and Maya has been great in the regards that it provides me appropriate experience that I need. In the future, whether it be within or aside from the games industry,

I’d like to continue making games for people to enjoy, as well as games that I enjoy making.

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