Louise Barker

About the work

For the end of year Celebration artwork I started to make a mind-map to get a idea for a theme and I came across some work I did about space in Level 2 Games. I decided to continue this theme, and looked on Pinterest for some ideas. I decided to create an astronaut’s head through drawing, and then put it into Photoshop to make it look more interesting and realistic.

Student Bio

I started at Level 2 Games, and really enjoyed it because it was something I love doing so it was amazing to go and work on. I love the art side of games so when the Level 2 Games course ended and I had the opportunity to go onto Level 3 Games Art my face lit up with excitement.

I loved going to Industry Week this year, as I met some amazing people that really inspired me and showed me there is a lot out there for people who love art to do as careers.

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