Lucas Britton

About the work

Project Hex is my vision of super hexagon – it is a prototype version of the full version. This Prototype was made in Unity, and the game uses a line render (this is so the line stays the same thickness even when it scale down) to make the shapes with a line collision made into a prefab with a shrinking script which scales the actor down and deletes itself when it gets to a certain size.

Student Bio

The time I had at Confetti has been fun, and has helped inform me about the games industry. During my time here I have had the chance to go to many game testing opportunities which has helped me develop new skills and given me some experience in the games industry.

On top of the regular academic work we have events such as the Christmas party and Industry Week. In addition, in my second year we were offered to go to EGX 2019 where we got to visit university stalls to talk with students at that university.

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