Luna Beauvois

About the work

APOAPSIS, my first game released on the first of June 2020, went live on the Google Play Store.

APOAPSIS was a game created in the span of two weeks in the Unity Engine for an assignment that was later released publicly. User reception was good – and the game is very enjoyable!

(APOAPSIS Preview Video)

Tiny Room
Tiny room is a competition project hosted by Confetti’s Games Technology course, and my submission is a stylised, medieval themed environment, using Blender, Photoshop and Unreal tools.

Tiny Room Overview Video
Tiny Room Assets Overview Video

Student Bio

Pursuing Games Technology at Confetti was the logical decision to pursue my dream career – allowing me to gain insight and skills into the field I wish to work in. Taking opportunities given to me – such as industry week – have allowed me a head start into the industry, with insider talks and allowing me to connect with people in the industry.

Confetti has pushed my creative and functional ability and has kept my work ethic good – pushing for deadlines to meet and, personally, has pushed me to achieve the best results I can – pursuing and publishing my first game to the app store in 2020.

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