Matthew Stephen Jackson

About the work

I created a 2D Platformer game which is set inside of a cave. I used an array of assets which I created myself and ones that I downloaded from appropriate sources. Parts of my game are challenging and some parts are simple to get around.

You can collect collectables that are hidden throughout each level and also, there are enemies in your way which can cause damage to you. I created the game in a game engine called GameMaker which specialises in 2d games. I also have experience in working with Unreal Engine 4 and have improved on my skills and knowledge of the engine and what features there are to help make a game.

This game will test your platforming skills and your hand eye coordination skills. There will be platforms that go over pits that restart the level if you fall in. Also, there are platforms that have gaps in them so you have to be very precise with your jumps.

Student Bio

I started studying at Confetti in 2018. I chose to do a Level 2 Game Technology course and finished that course in 2019. I then got invited to carry onto a Level 3 Games Technology course and I am currently still working at that level.

If I had the chance, I would work in the advertising part of the games industry as I am very creative and I am good at expressing my creativity into advertising a game.

I also attended Industry Week which allowed me to get an insight into the games industry and what opportunities are in place.

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