Molly Jackson

About the work

1. This shows the process behind the creation of my final piece, which was a business card for my friend’s small business. I used Illustrator to create this project.

2. This shows a piece of work I did, this work was an ‘in the style’ challenge looking at Randy Otter’s work. I used Illustrator as the main platform for creating this work.

3. This was a challenge based on branding and we were therefore asked to rebrand Cadbury to be a luxury chocolate brand. I used Illustrator to make my designs.

4. This was another ‘in the style of’ piece where we looked at an artist called Andy Welland by where I added my own flair by turning his patterns into leaves on a tree.

Student Bio

I am a junior graphic and digital designer who started at Confetti in September 2018. I chose to study this field because I already had minimal knowledge in design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I therefore knew that this was an area I enjoyed and could see myself having a career in. Whilst completing my two years I found that I enjoyed the branding and advertising modules whilst looking at other artists work to widen my skills and knowledge. In the future I plan to study BA Digital Marketing & Advertising at the University of Northampton.

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