Morgan Brooks

About the work

Harry Potter props
Our brief was to create props based off a script that we were given. Based on the script, I decided to create props inspired by the fictional Harry Potter universe and focused specifically on the character Tom Riddle. To create these pieces, I used teabags, an ink pen, as well as red paint. I took pictures of each of the props and put them into Photoshop to clean them up and to also show professionalism.

K-12 album cover
We were required to design an album cover and make sure it was in the style of another designer. I chose the designer Kate Moross and took inspiration from her hand-drawn typography. This was done in Photoshop using brushes to create harsh typography and was then placed onto a vinyl mockup.

Monsters inc. poster
I decided to take the film Monsters inc. and create a poster inspired by it. I decided to go with darker tones rather than light ones that disney normally uses. I used hand-drawn linework in Photoshop to create this piece and also hand-drew all of the typography shown.

Venice illustration poster
For this piece, I decided to create a vector illustration based on the city of Venice in Italy. I went with a simplistic and geometric style and decided to go with mostly pastels for colouration. I created this piece using Illustrator.

Student Bio

Being a student at Confetti has allowed me to creatively broaden my horizons and learn about the graphic design industry in a way in which I was not able to before. Before joining Confetti, I had almost zero knowledge of programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and pursued most of my design passion on the tiny screen of my phone creating digital edits and collages using free mobile apps.

Whilst being at Confetti, I have had many opportunities such as the chance to be able to talk to graphic design professionals during Industry Week, which made me gain more of an insight on what I’d like to pursue in the future. Taking this into consideration, I hope to continue learning graphic design once my time at Confetti is over and one day be able to direct my own design studio in a big city like London.

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