Morgan Richardson

About the work

1. For this, I used lines and the pen tool to create the third typeface. I used a graphics tablet and the brush tool to draw out the characters for the script typefaces, and to create the illustrations for the poster.

2. For this, I used shapes and a pathfinder to create the back of the card. I used the pen tool, shapes and guides to create the ace of spades illustration, lines, basic shapes and the pen tool for the other cards.

3. For the logo I altered a typeface and then used lines and different stroke styles. For the background, I used rectangles and gradients to give it an embossed effect. I did the same for the text using gold and purple.

4. For these, I used a number of different skills including typography, compositing in Photoshop, blending modes, gradients, shape techniques, patterns and pathfinders.

5. For this advertising piece, I used Photoshop to give each of the images more neutral tones so that each of them followed the same theme. I then used illustrator, and used scissor tools, clipping masks and pathfinders to break up the words and give it the shard effect, making the typography stand out.

Student Bio

At Confetti, I have grown in confidence in my ability to use my editing eye and create something that is elevated and meets briefs. A main way that I have been able to do this is developing my skills in typography, both physically and digitally. This has helped me to elevate a number of my designs and has pushed my minimal style over the edge. In lessons and digital workshops, I have acquired a lot of design skills in Adobe software, which has allowed me to broaden my horizons and decide what direction to go in. The guests at Industry Week gave me great insight into working as a designer and all of the possibilities. This included working as an animator, or working as a freelance designer, as well as for a design company. This gave me the information I needed to step forwards into a career.

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