Niamh Quigley

About the work

Creature Experiment
During a guest talk, we experimented creating creatures from various objects/animals/plants. For my experiment, I started with a pose reference and began to add certain elements such as; a snake tail, shaggy ink cap mushrooms and an additional adder snake. This art piece is very different than to the rest of my art style.

My 3 OCs
I created 3 digital drawings of my own characters based on the Celtic symbol ‘Triskelion’, where it’s said this symbol can sometimes be seen to represent ‘Birth, Death and Rebirth’.

Self Portrait
I decided to manipulate an image of myself, and my cat, and turn it into my digital art style. I decided to experiment with some shading and texturing within this drawing.

Freya and The Witch
 These two characters are the protagonist and antagonist from my game idea, created for college.

Art Style
I was given a basic outline of a person and I had to manipulate it and turn it into my own style. I based this character design off of the Harajuku fashion style.

Student Bio

I attended Confetti with the intention of improving my art style and techniques, as well as learn new skills. I now understand how to further improve my art to a professional standard.

I’ve also been given opportunities to see other artist and developers during Industry Week – this allowed me to get an understanding of how they experienced the game art industry and how I might be able to become someone like them.

Confetti allowed me to be surrounded by all sorts of artists with similar yet different interests, being around these creative people made me want to achieve to be as creative as them.

I aspire to keep on improving my art and experiment with different styles and materials to create all sorts of artwork and to show what I, as an artist, am capable of creating.

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