Poppy Ashcroft

About the work

The piece I have created is a 3D object I created of a palace, strongly inspired by influences of the early 20th Century and the animated film ‘Anastasia’ (for which I had screenshot references to guide me and to learn from). When creating this, I used the program Magica Voxel, something I learnt to use while at Confetti, which I enjoy experimenting with in my own free time.

Over the course of roughly four long days of working, I managed to roughly create a model that somewhat resembles the influences I collected. I began with the door to the build and spread out from there. I tried to create somewhat of detail and architectural extras to make it feel as decadent as possible on such a small scale. Initially, the model was planned to be at least 10 times the scale of this, though when realising the full restrictions of the software and its capabilities to render a model of that size, I changed my approach.

Student Bio

Whilst studying at Confetti I was given many opportunities to broaden my knowledge and experience in the creative industry and the world of art. I met many individuals who shared interests and passions of mine, visited art galleries to gather inspiration and influence for my art and during Industry Week, met people who worked in the creative industry, where we got to ask them questions about their personal experiences in their field.

As of right now, I will be attending university and aiming for a job as perhaps a 3D artist of some kind.

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