Reece Guillou

About the work

• Pop Manga Marionetta Art RG – This piece is an idea that I had, which was influenced by Camilla d’Errico a Pop Manga artist that I revised her books as a form of inspiration of the style of art that I used. The art I create is a character combining a cute but creepy style I did by implementing the pop manga style with the design ideas of a marionette. I took further inspiration from the Persona 4 concept by Shigenori Soejima for the colour and details for the design. The art piece was done originally sketched traditionally with a pencil where I created the line art of the character before I digitalized the character and proceeded to do a coloured digital art piece. I used various brushes, filters and layers to get the effect for the final piece.

• Kamuy comic page RG – This is a comic strip that I created based off my IP idea called Kamuy: First Testament. The idea for this page was a battle between the young Kamuy Kou and the great demon called the Nine-Tailed Fox. The idea for this piece was inspired from ancient China and Chinese Mythology, as well as greatly influenced from a Manhua called Journey to the west by Zheng Jian He. This piece was originally done traditionally before transferred and coloured digitally.

• Kamuy Logo RG – This is the logo design that I create for my IP, Kamuy: First Testament. This logo is meant to represent an old Chinese like Testament. This design was entirely done digitally used various filters, brushes and textures.

• Previsualisation of Kamuy Scene RG – This is an environmental digital piece that is a previsualisation of the sort of environment of my IP idea Kamuy: First Testament. The scene is base of a Chinese-style landscape with an old tower in the background. The scene was create purely using digital media and was done using a variety of different brushes to get the grass texture, cloud texture and so forth. The design is meant to be somewhat serene and still-looking.

Student Bio

While at Confetti I’ve been learning many new skills, as well as gaining an insight into the industry and possible careers paths and journeys I can take after the course which I found out about during Industry Week talks.

I plan toward creating my own IPs on animations and games ideas and have used this course as a great opportunity to improve my art skills, discover different areas within the industry and create art, so that I can hopefully present and create these ideas.

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