Robin Towle

About the work

Comic cover
For this piece we had to create our own comic book idea and story surrounding it, then create a page and the front cover. My cover focuses on the main character Zed and the trauma that he’s having whilst working at a diner, although I wanted to take a more metaphorical and not so obvious approach. I think this is personally my favourite piece I have done this year and I’m super proud how it turned out.

Dick Turpin
Rather than doing this in class, I did all of this in my free time. I have spent the majority of lockdown (much like others) binge watching Netflix. However, my addiction has been with horrible histories. More specifically Matthew Baynton. He is one of the few actors in the series who along with the others play many different roles. But the Dick Turpin role took my eye and felt like I had to create it. So this beauty was born.

Wanted portrait
We where given the task to draw people or yourselves into a wanted poster in the past present and future. I chose to do myself to make it easier to get reference images. This image is set in a futuristic club setting where I have attacked someone with this skull encased in glass.

This is one of the most recent pieces that I have created. I wanted to create something that was outside of my comfort zone from what I normally draw. I also wanted to get used to a new drawing software that I previously bought on sale. I used new techniques to make the overall image pop and become something that I never thought I could create. Overall I am extremely proud of this as you can tell.

Student Bio

Studying in a place that specialises in the creative field means that I’m always surrounded by other creatives that understand and can help me grow my own creativity. We’ve had trips to places such as galleries and EGX which furthermore helps with idea generation and creativity.

Doing the course that I chose will forever be one of the best choices I made so I could jumpstart my career in the industry. Because of this I’ve managed to get into my dream university and dream course and I couldn’t be any more grateful.

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