Sam Elkin

About the work

The project I am submitting for Celebrate is a game called Project Ascendance, which is my final major project that I did with the help of two other students and a few other people as well. The basic storyline of the game is that the player is a Beta tester for a new immersive relaxation experience called ‘Project Ascendance’, which features many different virtual environments.

The game has three separate endings, each one caused by the player discovering hidden secrets, and each one reveals a different side of the game’s lore. While the two other students in my team did help, I was the only one with access to game-making software, so the entire game was basically created by me. I started by creating all of the virtual environments, then moved onto the code that made up the game itself.

The resulting project was bigger than anything I had created previously, and at times strained my meagre computer, but it was worth it in the end when the game was finally finished.

Student Bio

During my time at Confetti, I have had access to a variety of different experiences and have achieved many things. I started out my journey at Confetti without knowing exactly what I wanted to do within the industry, only that I wanted to be a part of it. However, by the end of the first year I had grown incredibly fond of the more creative side of being a games developer, specifically 3D modelling, as opposed to the more technical aspects such as being a coder.

Over these two years we also had a trip to EGX, which allowed me to really feel as though I was becoming part of the industry. It also showed me a side of the industry that I really hadn’t been exposed to fully, which was the merging of gamers and developers.

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