Stephanie Lightfoot

About the work

1. This set of playing cards was created in Illustrator. Set to fit the brief of making a creative and cohesive set of playing cards for a target audience.

2. This store-front poster was created to fit the brief to redesign Cadbury as a high end chocolate brand, renamed as Cadbury Exquisite. I downloaded the image (copyright free), then edited it in Photoshop and added finishing elements in Illustrator.

3. Here is a collection of posters and page fillers from my zine project. The zine was created around the theme of the sci-fi subculture. I even had to opportunity to work with Dizzy Ink a printing company to print this with a risograph technique.

4.This poster was created as room art, with the intention of being calming. I took the picture, edited it in Photoshop and added the other elements in Illustrator.

5. Here is photography with the added element of illustration. Taking inspiration from the artist Ilias Walchshofer. The image was based on the theme of comfort zones.

Student Bio

Confetti has pushed me to grow as an individual and a designer. Throughout my time here my abilities and confidence have continued to develop. Aided by the constant encouragement of tutors I’ve expanded my skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects. This lead to the opportunity of a work placement with a design company called Stencil. The company took me under its wing to show me the ropes of commercial graphic design. This really pushed my confidence as for the first time I could see my work actually being used for clients. The opportunities I’ve been granted at Confetti have acted as a springboard as next year I take the leap to further my education at Loughborough University.

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