Stephen May

About the work

This project was created during a creative block while we were working towards an album assignment deadline. I wasn’t able to create a tech house bassline, so I decided to try creating something different. This was the 3rd out of five tropical house tracks that I made for the album. This was one of the two tracks that I produced that made it into the final album.

It took around a week to research and produce the track so that I could get the tropical house feel and then another three days to mix and master. I mainly used serum and sampled drums to create the drums and bassline. I used a guitar sample from splice as the main melody and layered a native instruments piano called the gentleman behind the guitar to fill out the mix. Because I used a guitar loop, I had to think of other ways to add variation to the track, so I used variations in the drums as well as small automations to try and keep it fresh. I also took inspiration from one of duke Dumont’s tracks won’t look back which uses a reverb hold function.

Student Bio

My real fascination of music started when I was able to start downloading and playing with loops making electronic/EDM tracks when I was 15. This progressed into DJing and producing house music which led to me being able to participate in a live music course at the student’s union at Sheffield university. This piqued my interest further as I got to feel a club sound system for the first time. This was the moment I realised that I wanted to pursue DJing and Production.

During my time at Confetti I continued to produce house music but went more towards the tech house scene after hearing tracks from fisher and Chris Lake but then moving to tropical and deep house when I had creative blocks. This was the time where my production really started to improve and also showed me different production, mixing and mastering techniques.

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