Thierry Scrafton

About the work

Jill Valentine/Resident Evil/Interpretation
I used a mixture of Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint to recreate a piece I had previously drawn traditionally. The drawing was both outlined and coloured using Clip Studio, using a mixture of the G-Pen and watercolour brushes. Once the piece was fully coloured and outlined, I used Wet-Media brushes in Photoshop to give it a rougher texture and more obvious painted feel. There are obviously issues, but I’m happy with it overall.

This probably took over 20 hours of work, with just around 40 layers – mostly because of technical issues and inexperience with Clip Studio.

Student Bio

Confetti has been a great step towards improving my art skills, in both traditional and digital media. The projects I’ve been given and completed have really inspired me to improve my overall art skills, and to look into creating art in styles I wouldn’t have even considered trying before.

Being a part of the Level 3 Games Art course has been a necessary step in providing a potential career in art, preferably as a character concept artist, or graphic designer.

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