Tia Gyson

About the work

Artboard 1 is a recreation of an album cover, the design was inspired by the work of Chris Ashworth and was created using physical media that I then took a photo of and digitised.

Artboard 2 had the same process however, instead of a recreation it was a completely original piece for a band called Bonafide who were releasing a cover EP.

Artboard 3 is some mixed logo work done in Illustrator and a Covid-19 poster I made on my own time also using Illustrator.

Artboard 4 showcases some of my photo manipulation skills in a card deck design challenge where I used a similar technique to artboards 1 and 2.

Artboard 5 is work I created for a chocolate packaging design challenge, the brief was to create luxury branding for ‘Cadbury exquisite’.

Student Bio

When I started my first year at Confetti I had zero graphic design experience. This course has not only helped me become more knowledgeable but it has also helped me with time management and learning to love simple designs. I have not yet done any graphic deisgn work outside of college, but I have had a lot of support from tutors who have tried to help me acquire work experience.

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