Tiffany Luong

About the work

Piece 1. We had to create an apparel website for one of our assignments and this is one of the designs I made for a T-shirt which I created using Photoshop. It includes the brand name and logo incorporated into the design.

Piece 2. This was an illustration I made as a request from a client, I did this by using a graphics tablet and drawing the design using a drawing programme.

Piece 3. This was a photo restoration where I turned a black and white photo back into having colour. I created this in Photoshop by using gradient maps and colour matching.

Piece 4. I created this as an art study with acrylic paint during my time studying A-level art – it displays my ability to mix paint and create a desired colour.

Piece 5. This was a piece created in Photoshop in which we had to create an image of a pigeon standing on top of a house. We had to adjust the image in order for the colours of the pigeon to match the colour and lighting of the house and its settings.

Student Bio

I joined Confetti in order to study a course in graphic design, and since being here I have been provided with opportunities and experiences such as Industry Week in which we were able to meet people who worked professionally within the industry. They helped us to know what the work is like and what to expect when going into these jobs.

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